miniEntrevista : Helen Baker

Hemos tardado un poco en publicar nuevas miniEntrevistas, el trabajo primero 😉
Una de las cosas que mas me gustan de esta isla es lo cosmopolita que es, sin necesidad de tomar un avión puedes conocer gente de todas partes del mundo. Y muchos de ellos ya se han hecho su lugar en la isla. So, let’s do this miniInterview in English. Why? Why not!. I la propera miniEntrevista serà en mallorquí, estigueu atents!


I’m a freelance web copywriter and editor. I provide text for online media like websites and e-newsletters.


In plain English, what do copywriters do and how do they work with web designers or developers?

In short, we write words. Any words! As a web copywriter, they range from body text and micro copy through to metadata and alternative format text. I also understand how issues like accessibility, usability and SEO affect what I write and take these into consideration.

Usually, I work for clients as one member of a team that includes a designer and a developer. I’ll work with my contact to define the website’s target audience, objectives and key messages. Then, if needed, I’ll compile a sitemap or review and refine an existing one.

I’ll often write the copy at the very start of the project, so that the designer knows what he or she has to work with and which elements to include. This avoids any surprises further down the project journey, where changes can be extremely hard to implement.

Don’t confuse ‘copywriter’ with ‘copyrighter’! A ‘copywriter’ writes copy (text) and a ‘copyrighter’ is concerned with the legal aspect of copyrighting and protecting creative assets.


You have experience with different CMSs, but I know you love WordPress. Why?

I’ve used other systems like ExpressionEngine, HubSpot and Drupal, plus lots of proprietary programs (whatever my clients use). But when I started out as a freelancer, I made my own website with WordPress.

It was very easy and intuitive to use, and I love the fact that there’s a plug-in for almost anything you can think of, thanks to its Open Source principles. And, of course, the fact it’s free makes it available to everyone, giving power to people worldwide to express themselves.

As my knowledge has broadened, WordPress has been the ideal platform for playing around with HTML and CSS. It’s really helped me to understand how text works on websites and to appreciate the hard work of designers and developers.


Online publishing is at the heart of WordPress. From your experience, what are its strengths and weaknesses?

As an individual user, its strengths are definitely ease of use, from installing the software and choosing a design to publishing text and adding a plug-in. I must admit, I’m finding it hard to think of any weaknesses at the moment!


Google’s Matt Cutts has always said that WordPress is best for SEO. What do you think as an SEO copywriter?

I don’t call myself an SEO copywriter. It’s just one of many considerations (which often crossover) for creating relevant web copy that works. I always write for people first and search engines second. We should never lose sight of the fact that human beings actually use websites!

But I would agree that WordPress does make it easy to optimise copy, such as:

  • metadata
  • text elements (like H1, H2 and so on)
  • links from key phrases
  • ALT tags (done correctly).


Which plug-ins do you recommend?

I actually use very few – just Akismet (of course), All-in-one SEO pack and Quotes collection. But I also have others installed and am planning to play around with them at some point: LinkedIn for WordPress, Pinterest RSS widget, Portfolio slideshow and WPML multilingual CMS.

Thank you for asking me to take part in the interview! If you’d like to know more about me, visit or email me at (también hablo español).

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