WordPress project calculator / Calculador proyectos con WordPress

I made a test with the basics, and yes, it´s possible to made a simple website with WordPress for 0 € until you need a hosting, there the budget “increase” to 50 €. I miss a time counter per step so you can have an idea of how much time a website need to be done by our selfs or with help.

Hice una prueba con lo básico, y sí, es posible hacer un sitio con WordPress por 0 €, hasta que necesitas un hosting, en ese momento el presupuesto “sube” a 50 €. Hecho de menos un contador de tiempo que te permita saber cuanto tiempo necesitas para crear ese website.

Results / Resultados:

Your WordPress website will cost:


What USD % How you would like to implement it
Design $0 0% Free theme with nice design and basic functionality.
Basic features $0 0% No social sharing, integration to a mailing list, popups, SEO features, security, backups.
Marketing Pages $ 0% Building additional marketing pages will be free because you will do it yourself. I.e. how it works, contact us, team, about, press, terms.
Advanced features $0 0% No advanced WordPress features. I.e. shopping cart, memberships, payments, user profiles, etc.
Domain name $0 0% You have a domain name.
Hosting $50 100% Shared hosting for up to 15K visits per month.
Total $50 100% Total is a rough estimation how much you should budget for a WordPress site if you build it yourself.

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