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WordPress project calculator / Calculador proyectos con WordPress

I made a test with the basics, and yes, it´s possible to made a simple website with WordPress for 0 € until you need a hosting, there the budget “increase” to 50 €. I miss a time counter per step so you can have an idea of how much time a website need to be done by our selfs or with help.

Hice una prueba con lo básico, y sí, es posible hacer un sitio con WordPress por 0 €, hasta que necesitas un hosting, en ese momento el presupuesto “sube” a 50 €. Hecho de menos un contador de tiempo que te permita saber cuanto tiempo necesitas para crear ese website.

Results / Resultados:

Your WordPress website will cost:


What USD % How you would like to implement it
Design $0 0% Free theme with nice design and basic functionality.
Basic features $0 0% No social sharing, integration to a mailing list, popups, SEO features, security, backups.
Marketing Pages $ 0% Building additional marketing pages will be free because you will do it yourself. I.e. how it works, contact us, team, about, press, terms.
Advanced features $0 0% No advanced WordPress features. I.e. shopping cart, memberships, payments, user profiles, etc.
Domain name $0 0% You have a domain name.
Hosting $50 100% Shared hosting for up to 15K visits per month.
Total $50 100% Total is a rough estimation how much you should budget for a WordPress site if you build it yourself.

Has tu prueba en AI website builder / creador de sitios con IA : Chris Lema review

Maybe you know about it or hear about it, offers a Artificial Intelligence service to build a personal website, sounds amazing but at the same time terrific for those like us work on this business. On the WordPress environment are the Layout Builders, but hey don´t use AI to fix your mess. supposed to do it, but nothing is so shine here. Take a look at this post review form Chris Lema.

Quizá as escuchado o leido algo sobre este servicio, ofrece una experiencia sin fallos, una inteligencia artificial que crea el diseño de una web sin fallos. Esto puede sonar impresionante pero al mismo terrorífico para quienes nos dedicamos a este negocio. En el mundo WordPress tenemos los Builders, pero no usan Inteligencia artificial para evitar las equivocaciones del usuario. en teoría lo hace, pero no todo brilla como dicen. Mira este post de la revisión de Chris Lema.